About us

Information, tickets, counselling and the European Union program "Youth in Action" – it’s this diverse mix that makes wienXtra-jugendinfo a genuine service point. It offers information and advice concerning all topics relevant to the youth of today, be it employment, internships in foreign countries, festivals or piercings.

wienXtra - youth information - located in the centre of Vienna

One can do research, get free and anonymous counselling.

information and tickets

Brochures are available on many relevant subjects, such as love, the housing situation and cultural life. And as an added bonus everyone under the age of 26 gets reduced tickets to many concerts and events.

Explore Europe

wienXtra-jugendinfo is also Vienna’s regional branch of the European Union programme "Youth in Action" and networks europewide. This programme fosters Youth Exchange, the European Voluntary Service, projects by youngsters and much more. Anyone interested in realizing one’s project can get support, from concept to completion.

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